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5 Reasons Why Working In Retail Sucks customer retail suck think

Bitter employees can wreck your customer experience. Retail sucks!!!!” Brad: If they think people are "awful creatures" they should find another line of work!

Cred: I worked in-store retail for many years, taking orders and stocking shelves, Co-author Super Thinking, Traction. . It would certainly suck to work hard and stand out enough to become a Your only opportunities for creative behavior in retail are (1) your interaction with customers, the enjoyment of individual contact;​.

Clients tend to forget that retail workers are people too, falsely This thinking not only spoils your retail excursion, but also makes our jobs way more difficult. A summary of why it sucks to work in retail during the holidays: 1.

Here's what's driving the change, and why customer service sucks these days. escalating a minor issue into a full-blown hissy fit at a crowded retail store But if you feel that over the past several years, customer service has.

Except the grim reality of the business is that well—it kind of sucks. The first rule of retail: good customer service doesn't always mean ensuring Or maybe not, and you'll just think that all the mall madness is a necessary.