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Skin redness and soreness .

Radiation therapy is the treatment most often used for vaginal cancer.​ There are 2 ways to treat vaginal cancer with radiation - external beam radiation therapy, and intracavity brachytherapy (also called internal radiation therapy).​ Vaginal cancer is most often treated with a.

Radiation to the pelvis is a common treatment for women with Your vagina and/​or external genital area may become irritated during treatment.

It will take some time to recover from your treatment for vulvar or vaginal cancer. Radiotherapy to the pelvic area can affect the vagina, which will become tender during . Avoid cuts, burns, insect bites, sunburn and injections in your legs.

Vaginal Brachytherapy Treatment. This handout explains what will happen during your radiation treatment to the vagina. If you have any questions, please.