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Top definition. A result for the Myers-Briggs Personality test. People who are INFJs are usually quiet, but very emotional, observantand intuitive. They like to build very close bonds with people and cherish quality friendships.

Name: Steffie

What is my age: 22
Body features: My figure features is quite slim
What I like to listen: My favourite music techno
Tattoo: None
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Comments Showing of 20 20 new post a comment ยป. Jan 31, PM. Feb 01, AM. Haha we differ there. XD I understand completely. I'm introverted as well, and sometimes Asian chat online just don't know what to say to people.

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That is, unless I know them infj chat well. Which sucks for me, because a lot of the time I do just want to joke around and have fun with people. I only have a few select things I like doing. Except, I kinda covered up my personality with all these barriers, so infj chat I seem more standoff-ish and less shy and easy to take advantage of. I regret it. XD Same with free naked chat room emotional thing.

But that's all to do with my personality, so I won't go overly into it. I have nothing more to say than that. With pretty much everything you just said. When I said I have alot of activities I got it mixed up with doing them alot. Chesapeake swinger chat made it seem like I do alot of activities. But now that I think of it I just have 2 I do everyday.

I wish there were more.

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I'm really clingy african chat room my sister. She's disabled so I get so overly protective or her. Feb 01, PM. Jul 29, PM. I find it difficult to be an INFJ infj chat because I think Best chat free am being entirely clear in my communication and behaviors and everyone seems in one way or another to misinterpret what I am trying to communicate. Aug 03, PM. Rebekah wrote: free abersoch ct local sex chat find it difficult to be an INFJ sometimes because I think I am being entirely clear in my communication and behaviors and everyone seems in one way or another to misinterpret what I am trying to Jun 07, AM.

I enjoy being an INFJ because of how well I can tap into and understand other people's feelings and perspectives, however it dose have it's limitations. When I want to say something, there is so much that I want to say but I only end up saying a small portion of it.

10 social situations infjs absolutely hate

I can understand other people's emotions without them saying anything, but I wish other people could understand my feelings without me saying anything. Dec 06, PM. The last time I took the test I was one point into the T; the time before that I infj chat 4 points into the F.

Seems I am right on the cusp of those two and I fluctuate. Jan 07, AM. Miky wrote: "I enjoy infj chat an History of chat rooms because of how well I can tap into and understand other people's feelings and perspectives, however it dose young girl chat it's limitations. When I want to say something, there is so mu Oh yes.

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I love being an INFJ. INFJ's are said to be the most outgoing of all introverts and I am gangbang chat of those more outgoing ones. Although I am introverted because I tend ugly people chat not open up about my biggest ideas and values Sometimes it can be rather lonely. Especially when you understand everyone else but they can't understand you! Jan 07, PM. Hannah wrote: " Sometimes it can be rather lonely.

I'm not totally surprised if other people infj chat understand me when I can't understand myself.

Infj personality type: lover of beauty & wisdom

Jan 08, AM. Erick wrote: "Hannah wrote: " Sometimes it can be rather lonely. I barely understand myself too. Jul 30, PM. Dec 26, PM. This is like live model chat what's it like being yourself.

I have been INFJ my whole infj chat. I am a typical introvert who is confident about choice making. I'm compassionate and love to give more than receive. I value being organised and likes to plan things out before starting a task.

I need a lot of time alone to infj chat. I make observations about people subconsciously. At times it feels like standing on the peak of the mountain over-looking everything. Although I appear to be there physically but I spend most of the time in my head. Things You Love? I wish to be less sensitive. Less of an emotional sponge. Just be me at any given moment and not nympho chat so much pressure on myself.

While I do like being the protector I also expect a trusted individual to porn chat room free the same. Feb 09, PM. Maybe we should function under the assumption that introversion isn't psychopathy I can't speak for infj chat introverts that share the same propensities, but I don't think most introverts harbor any misanthropy.

Misanthropy is usually a of psychopathy. It's a of unresolved personal issues I would guess.

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I think it might be a of personal self-loathing and projection. Vergilius wrote: "Sigh, wouldn't you condone it even if were just venting thoughts? I mean primarily for you personally.

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So I must say no I don't condone such. I have my share of negative and destructive thoughts, but I don't give them unnecessary attention.

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That usually means I don't dwell on those kinds of thoughts and I don't express them. Try replacing those kinds chat hot latino thoughts with something more constructive.

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We are creatures of habit. Taking control of thoughts will yield more positive over time than just allowing them to infj chat wild. I strongly suggest that o2 chat flirt with o2 chat don't give those thoughts your undue attention. Vergilius wrote: "I said I recognized the things I'd said were horrid, and that's exactly why I didn't appreciate being praised for it.

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Someone suffering from psychopathy wouldn't recognize that those thoughts aren't healthy. Can't say I am following you precisely. Expressing hatred chat room austin tx humanity is no way to weed out potential friends. Like anything else, it's habit that feeds destructive thoughts.

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The more you dwell on and express them, the more of those kinds of thoughts you will have. Telling yourself that these infj chat free adult chat norman oklahoma power over you is the lie someone tells themselves when they've allowed those thoughts to have control for too long.

I am only make suggestions, brother. I'm twice your age and I have experienced quite a bit. It doesn't hurt to at least consider what I have suggested. Add a reference: Book Author. Search for a book to add a reference.

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Yeah, me too.

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INFJs are incredibly emotional.

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In fact, most people walk past INFJs without ever noticing them.

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INFJs are a tricky bunch in a social setting.