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web-styles.info Exactly how much weight was he lifting? web-styles.info the mm.. two fisted ass is more like it and maybe the kitchen sink!! wft!!

This weight lifter can't handle the load and gets a mouth full of mat. ebaum. Uploaded Guy Rips Ass Into A Fan And Blows It Right At His Girlfriend. Now that's one . 3 Favorites. civic engine catches on fire bust blow out engine lol haha civic.

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Weightlifter's bicep tore during a deadlift and photo cought it while he was I think the worst weightlifting accident I've ever seen involved web-styles.infot, of sorts. pushed too hard, and suffered a massive hernia out his anus.

Meanwhile it was revealed that the weight was removed from his shoulders at the time of the incident by two "spotters" on either side of the lifter.