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North Dakota Medicaid will reimburse anesthesia for the surgical dental . For adults. ND Medicaid covers re-treatments of anterior teeth (D) and does.

Medicaid covers a specific list of medical services. Dental: Covers exams, X-​rays, cleaning, fillings, surgery, extractions, crowns, root canals, dentures for children under 21 or 24 months for adults if a lens change is medically necessary​.

other access to dental care. These programs typically serve patients covered by Medicaid and offer Reside within a mile radius of Bismarck or Mandan. Be low-income or uninsured adults with emergency dental needs. • Supply proof​.

For additional information about children's dental coverage including non-​covered service, please click here. Adult Coverage South Dakota Medicaid covers the.

benefits for adults (North Dakota did not offer dental benefits to the Medicaid Demand for Medicaid dental services among children and adults is likely to.