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With Jerry Springer, Angel Anes, Maria Gara, Florentina Kleiner.

TV | 1h | Talk-Show | Episode aired 14 October ​ A woman wants to believe that her boyfriend's serial cheating is a thing of the past; a woman demands to know where her baby's father was, while she was in the hospital giving birth; a man ​ A woman wants to believe that her.

The Jerry Springer Show is a scripted American syndicated tabloid talk show that aired from . Some adult audience members, however, may ask serious questions (mostly in the earlier seasons), which are . The show gained so much popularity that for a while it was the top-rated daytime talk show in the United States.

While most episodes of “Jerry Springer” receive a softer TV rating, two recent episodes that aired during the February sweeps were rated.

19/11/14 Tasteless talk shows come and go, but one magazine declared this long-running daytime chatfest "the worst show in the history of.