- insurance companys adult criminal restitution alaska


insurance companys adult criminal restitution alaska

SUBROGATION OF CRIMINAL RESTITUTION IN ALL 50 STATES . Applicable case law in Alaska has determined that an insurance company qualifies as a.

Awarding and Enforcing Restitution Orders for Crime Victims. .. adult restitution recovery rate of 19% and an overall juvenile restitution recovery rate of .. large and small businesses, corporations, and insurance companies.

Restitution to Third Party Payors (e.g. Insurance Co.) Alaska Stat. committed by juveniles afforded same rights as victims of adult crimes.

He seeks the only company in which he is of its ambitious revision of Alaska's criminal code, the Criminal Law. Revision . of Adult Restitution Programs"; "​Research Report No. .. Once the victim has recovered his loss through insurance, it.

O P I N I O N STATE OF ALASKA, Appellee. Following a restitution hearing, the court ordered R.C. to pay $, in restitution to the school district and its insurance company. . restitution" for purposes of the juvenile delinquency statutes "is essentially the restitution imposed in adult criminal cases.