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Librarians of the 21st Century: Worst Story Time Ever? (Or Best?) | Literary Hub adult storytime

Adult Storytime. January 13, By Cassie. Adult Storytime. Why should kids have all the fun? Listen as Ashley (from the Caledonia Library) and Amanda.

Adult Storytime Ideas by tigremycat - a community-created list: Some of these titles have been used and favored by staff, some have not.

Being read to is a beautiful thing at any age. Learn how to make adult storytime a thing in your life.

Twice monthly, crowds gather in silent attention at the downtown Seattle Public Library for Thrilling Tales: A Story Time for Grownups. All eyes.

Has anyone ever done an adult storytime? I've read some articles on how to do it and get it started, but not so much on success and failures that have been.