Violin & Viola Size Chart: Expert Advice from a Teacher/Symphony Musician - adult play 3 4 violin


Are there any violinist who use a 3/4 violin? adult play 3 4 violin

Can I, as a 5' 11" adult male, learn to play (at least at a basic level) on a 3/4 size violin? I have no aspirations to play in an orchestra, just get to. › discussion › archive.

A friend who, like me, is an adult beginner, and I tried each other's violins. He told me that many women prefer to play a 3/4 size and that.

I even play my 4/4 with a 3/4 bow to lessen the stress on my shoulder. The 3/4 Robert,. I am an adult student - started about 5 years ago.

Many smaller adults wonder if they need to play on a 3/4 size instrument, as they may not be aware of the range of sizes that are available, or simply feel that full.