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Adult Kickball Leagues You Can Join For Fun & Friend-Making adult kickball

Yes, adult kickball IS a thing and it's AWESOME!​ Basic game play is similar to base ball with a few differences found in the official rules.​ The kickball diamond is a square with equal sides of 60 feet or about 20 paces with a base at each corner.

The World Adult Kickball Association is the largest sanctioning body for the recreational sport of adult kickball. WAKA was founded in Washington, D.C., in and now has leagues in over 35 states, as well as in countries such as India.

Adult kickball leagues are currently offered in the summer and early fall. Coed teams play at O'Brien field on Sunday afternoon/evenings. Teams can play 11 in​.

But, one way to meet new people is to join an adult kickball league. A sentence that, admittedly, is going to sound pretty terrible to some people.

Find local Adult Kickball Leagues and tournaments! With leagues in over 35 cities, CLUBWAKA is the biggest provider of coed adult Kickball Leagues in the.