Adult learning as a driver for economic growth and innovation – Part 1 | EPALE - adult economic development


Adult training and education in the context of economic development of regions adult economic development

probably the only resource that can ensure economic growth. Busi- greater federal role in adult education, on the one part, and by active.

PDF | Περίληψη In the present study, the issue under scrutiny is the contribution of adult education to economic development. The upgrading of.

This is a translation from German. by Dr. Dieter Dohmen, FiBS Research Institute for Education and Social Economics. You can find Part II of.

economies. Article. Adult Learning, Economic Growth and the. Distribution of Income. Peter J. Stauvermann 1,* ID and Ronald R. Kumar 2,3 ID.

Technological change causes three consequences: it guarantees economic growth, it requires employees to acquire more skills and human capital, and it.