Web 2.0 – Giving You Website An Extra Edge Of Simplicity

The term Web 2.0 Design & Developmen is used to describe a prevailing style of web design that is used as resurgence in a web company, is a new level of technology promoting interactivity with different types of on-line communities and the use of social networks. At Green Chillies it is a social phenomenon that is used to derive different types of on-line communities with the help of web design 2.0. Others may also describe web 2.0 as a recent school of web design. The concept of web 2.0 development began with brainstorming various concepts for web development application. It features changing the strategy and moving into new realms of design. The team at Green Chillies will help map out strategic points that can be used to identify key players that are currently in the battle to gain the control of services and infrastructure of the web world. The technique if web 2.0 is to gather intelligence and innovation over the internet and use them to stimulate and plan the strategies of the web site. With the current wave of amazing web designs it is important to dissect the most important features and explain why each of these features are good and can be used on the clients web site.

Web Application Development can describe web design 2.0 as simplicity. With the use of more simple, elegant and bold page designs the team of specialist web site designers can deliver more with less. Web 2.0 design India enables the designers to get straight to the websites goals by guiding the customer who is visiting the site to notice the well chosen and well placed visual elements. By user fewer words to express and say more web 2.0 development uses carefully selected and enhanced imagery to create a certain desired feeling in the mind of the visitor. A simpler design is a better design. It reveals and more focused, simple and clean web site with web development application. This does not mean that the designers prefer a minimalistic approach. They believe in the simplicity of the design rather than making it over complicated for the visitors to understand.

Competitive Website Development Charges Jodhpur, Rajasthan

PHEUNIX website company is known for its creative website designing, dynamic development, Web site Promotion (Online Marketing), Site hosting, Domain booking, Implementing web technologies and provide relevent website services in web industry. Company outsource website projects & complete in a deciplined manner also. We provide web solution’s for E- business, Services including various sectors. We manage website and take care of all constant online services

Web Development
User and Visitors requires efficient and optimum website with full of features. All of our sites have an integral part of powerful, technical & error free programming. We give a professional touch with effective online presence.

Web Hosting
The most important thing regarding hosting that it should be reliable and much uptime. Pheunix provides dedicated and shared hosting for our premium and initial clients. Pheunix understands the importance of web hosting and offers it as an additional service to their new and existing customers.

Requirement of Website
Of course! Every person wants to growth in business, services or organization. Everyone who wants to complete sales target as well as go ahead, in that case website is the most convenient alternate. Your website provides a showcase of everything your company has to offer placing. Your company’s web address on everything that comes into contact with the public is a great way to enhance your marketing. In short Web site is just like enhance your sales counter.

Why you go with Pheunix?

Why you develop your website with Pheunix?

PHEUNIX is the name of experienced in Web site Outsoucing, Website designing, Web development, Web site Promotion (Online Marketing), Site hosting, Domain booking, Implementing web technologies and provide relevent website services in India. Company provides web solution’s for E- business, Services including various sectors. Company manages website and takes care of all constant online services.

Pheunix is working since December 2006. We have worked on a huge variety of different websites in all shapes and sizes, and have dealt with problems as varied as they are complex. We provide 24 to 48 hours customer support.
Pheunix believes in providing the latest and best technology to clients.

Company’s experts are highly experienced and versatile enough to provide the best of the class solutions for any kind of business running at optimum performance levels and offer extensions to the functionality of your new edge business solution.

Reasons of choosing Pheunix
Client oriented services
Comparative best & affordable prices
Customize website services
Field Expertise
Innovate new ideas
Latest & updated Technology
Passionate about work
Quality assurance
Reputed concern
Result & output oriented job
Superior Customer Support
Vast portfolio
Working Experience

Top Leading Web Technologies Service Provider In India

Adodis is one of the leading web technologies service provider for various Organizations in India. We have an experience of more than 7 years in this industry and we have created more than 1400 sites for clients from all over the world.

Our dedicated team of more than 150 Designers and developers make Web Development, a success as we are capable of serving our clients without any form of resource crunch. This also enables us to deliver our websites on time and without any glitches. Hence we are leaders of website development companies.

We have completed1350 website projects in Joomla CMS using it in various domains like Corporate, Shopping cart, portals, non-profit organizations, etc. Like this, we have completed 245 website projects in Drupal CMS and 175 websites in shopping cart using Magento CMS, Drupal CMS, Joomla CMS and many more on the list. Also in website designing companies, we are leading the market with our perfection in productivity.

You can come and have a word with our web design bangalore to head over to our BIG portfolio showcase to feel our real experience in what we doing. As a web development bangalore based company, we have successfully implemented many websites which range starts from small brochure websites to massively interactive portals and almost everything in between.

We are also known throughout the industry for our affordable quality and incredible turnaround time which has fetched us the prestigious ISO 9000-2008 certification. We are ushering in a new dawn in Web Development in india.

Our Services

PHP Development

AJAX Development

Drupal Development

Joomla Development

WordPress Development

Concreate5 Development

Magento Development

Search Engine Optimization

Custom website Development

Domain Registrations

Web Hostings

ERP/CRM Solutions

Template Design,Banner Design,Logo Design

Theme Creations(Joomla, Drupal, Magento)

We are one of the best website developer in bangalore. Intuitive web site interfaces and user-friendliness are the hallmark of our company’s bangalore web designers.

Web development in Australia is setting up a robust IT service sector

The Internet has become the hub of all business across the world. Every enterprise, big and small alike, is setting up a web representative for catering maximum customers individually. Any organization and reach out to the world and widen their clientele by getting web development services from a professional web development company. Australia has not been a major IT market in the world yet, but web development in Australia is putting the country on the competitive IT map and setting its footings strongly. Now the web development services are available locally and hence the Australian companies can utilize local custom web application development services in Australia. Web development companies in Australia are helping the organizations that are looking for a strong resource pool outside Australia.

Due to the shortage in skilled workforce in Australia the companies are outsourcing their web development projects to countries like India and China for cheap labor and uncompromised quality. But now web development companies in India are setting up a local representative in Australia to support the IT growth. The Indian web development companies in Australia offer consulting services to local web development companies and co-develop their custom web application development projects for faster turnaround times without compromising quality or hiking product costs.

Hence rather than going outside the country, the companies in Australia get similar web development services in Australia itself. Significant benefits that the Australian companies enjoy include the local economy and local people. As the Indian representatives will set up an office in Australia they will work under the Australian economy and strengthen it too. With local support the companies get a comfortable communication channel 24X7 without any difference in the local time zones too.

Why is web development in Australia gaining popularity?

Web development in Australia is gaining popularity because there has been a sudden surge in the need of an online representative for all businesses. As the Internet is the largest human binding force across the globe, it has the power of reaching the populations from all countries and cultures. To globalize the organizations need to reach out to a newer target audience all the time and maximize their productivity and revenues. Hence web development is the only solution to target a maximum population outside the national country and go global easily.

Another mainstay of the Internet and web development is that it has become the biggest source of knowledge for all. The Internet can help any developer, banker, architect, and whatever the profession is in building up knowledge base significantly. So to create awareness among the people and grow in stature web development helps the companies to reach out to the public. Moreover, the companies can impart trustworthiness from their websites as there are tools for securing information and licensing Intellectual Property online.

Web Development Solutions And India What A Melting Pot!

Web development solutions are now being development by the software development firms all over the world. At the behest of a highly demanding web propelled business scene, all are now heavily relying on intelligent software applications thus bringing efficiency to work retaining the quality of tasks performed. Productivity has reached a new level of late thanks to the incorporation of the latest tools and technologies in a completely professional manner. So, if you are thinking of venturing into a new business mission, then you need not think any further. The professional web software development agencies have A to Z software and web solutions exclusively for you.

Software applications are now used not only in performing businesses; they have got equal importance among the mobile phone users. Mobile handsets with third party software support feature have benefited from these software developers who have also developed many an applications for mobile phones. Whether its fun, gaming, business, email or utility activity, applications for all purposes are now available through the application development agencies.

For both mobile and web applications, website development India firms have very good arrangements. Not only do they offer the best of apps, they also have the best rates for you. Of late, Indian software development firms have emerged as a very reliable name in the world by offering versatile, cost effective and high quality web based software development services. Logo design, content management, search engine optimization are some of the associated services these firms offer to clients these days.

The most encouraging thing about these Indian companies is that offer additional services without charging much from the clients. Clients satisfaction is their priority and hence they believe in offering only the best. According to market trends and various surveys conducted in the web based development arena, it has become completely clear that Indian web development programs come really come cheaper than the global competitors. Thats the reason all the software and web development nations are now outsourcing their projects to the fertile Indian land for the most cost effective solutions. And this move has been advantageous for many people than one.

Cloud Hosting in India with YRHost

Harnessing the power of cloud to achieve 100% uptime in email hosting

YRHost is one of the first Cloud Hosting provider in India who uses on App platform to deploy enterprise class email hosting to achieve 100% uptime and near zero spam free inbox.

YRHost with its 11 years of experience in web hosting industry have built private cloud on onApp platform, fully integrated with Cloud Servers in India, SAN storage, cloudmark anti-spam and anti-virus to provide its corporate clients a smooth email experience. This mail server hosting platform provide a rock solid email experience on cloud.

Features of this Enterprise Email Hosting includes:

1. 25GB storage per individual mailbox.

2. 14 days backup with rentention (restorable directly from control panel)

3. 99.999% spam-free inbox

4. True 100% uptime SLA

5. Customizable webmail

6. Fully supports Andriod, iOS and Windows mobiles

7. Email, Contacts and Calendars sync. across all devices.

Corporate Emails demands 100% uptime and near zero spam experience, our email hosting solution in India does offer exactly the same. If you live and breadth emails then our business email hosting on cloud is what you need.

About the Author:

Tarak Desai writes Cloud Hosting related content for Yrhost.in specializing in helping professionals relocate their website promote through Email Hosting, Corporate Emails etc Services in Mumbai India.

Why Businesses Should Opt for Offshore Web Development

With people increasing looking to buy products and services or search for information via the World Wide Web, a business cannot sustain without a website. Hence, having a website is an integral part of running an online or offline business. However, with businesses aspiring to expand their business activities, they are looking for ways to cut operational costs. One of the ways to do this is by opting for offshore web development. There are many benefits of using a website development company that is located in another part of the world. Some of these benefits are highlighted below:

Reduced Costs:

The cost of living in developed nations is higher compared to developing nations, which are the preferred destinations when it comes to off-shoring website development. As a result, the wages and benefits paid to employees are higher, and this makes it difficult to increase profit margins. Overseas destinations with lower cost of living, such as India and China, have established a name for themselves in the world of website development. In fact, web development in India is a major source of income for small- and medium-sized service providers. Many people in developed nations believe that the employees in these countries work in sweatshop-like environment. On the contrary, the IT sector is booming and companies attract talent by providing international standard working environment. But as the cost of living is lower, the wages compared to developed nations are lower, but ensure comfortable living. Even infrastructure costs and overheads are significantly lower and this allows a website development company to pass on the savings to the client.

Scalability at Short Notice:

One of the key benefits of offshore web development is the ability to scale operations at short notice. When your business is growing, you may need more work on your website, demanding a larger team to handle all aspects of website development and management. Website development service providers have the resources to increase their employees due to the vast talent pool existing in these countries. As a matter of fact, web development in India is so popular that Indian service providers can increase their headcount within a couple of days with ease without compromising on the quality of work or output.


Typically service providers are required to specialize in more than one area of web development & design. If you do not have in-house knowledge or know-how to create a great website, you can rely on your overseas service provider to help you deliver a high quality product at a lower cost. This is because most reputed service providers will possess the necessary specializations. This helps you save time, money and effort looking for an expensive specialist.

Offshore web development is a great way to ensure that your business remains versatile, adaptive and profitable in these extremely difficult and competitive times.

The Web Development Market Taken Over By Php

Certainly, in the past few years, PHP has emerged as one of the leading web development platforms to be used by programmers. There are various other software platforms such as SharePoint and ‘.NET’ but the extremely easy to use nature of PHP has certainly given it some sort of lead in this competitive market.

The internet today is one of the most powerful medium which connects each and every part of the world. Everything needs a big marketing platform and what can be better than the internet. The first thing you need to market your business or idea on the internet is a website and building a website is not a matter of joke.

It is here when the concept of web development comes into play. The field of web development is constantly upgrading & PHP has evolved as the finest tools for web development. PHP Web Development services have recently become one of the hottest domains for the web development companies in the market.

What is PHP?

Basically PHP is a server-side scripting language used thoroughly for developing web applications and web pages. Even though it can also solve the basic programming purposes, it is widely used as web development platform. The functionality of PHP is somewhat different from other coding platforms. It accepts pieces of code in a stream or file in text or media format. The output is always given in a stream in HTML format which can be directly used for coding.

It is also used as a basic programming platform. Some of the world’s most widely used CMS software such as Joomla, MediaWiki, eZ Publish, SilverStripe, WordPress, Drupal and Moodle were created using PHP. The development of some of the user interfacing parts of Facebook and Digg can also be given to PHP. When it comes to creating foolproof and attractive website, the programmers today are certainly choosing PHP.

Latest Developments Taking Place in PHP

The latest versions of PHP are 5.4.14 and 5.3.24, which have many additional advantages over its predecessors. There are some minor errors in the 5.5 beta version which are going to be debugged very soon. Then, there is of course the 6.0 version which is yet to be released. It promises to change our approach towards Unicode handling instances.

The Symfony project which is already in action promises to introduce the best working practices and techniques into PHP. Every PHP web development company in India is offering its best quality services to take web designing & development to a new level.

Ctrls Has Emerged As One Among The Best Hosting Providers In India To Big And Small Business Firms

A web hosting provider is a medium in online marketing through web hosting. Web hosting providers in India are very much in demand as they enable hassle free web hosting. The best way to advertise your company globally and to reach millions of people with your products or services is to host your website on the World Wide Web. Internet is the latest and fastest growing medium, which offers you unparalleled opportunities to inform and interact with potential customers round the clock, that is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Web hosting providers in India provide web hosting services to various clients in India. The web hosting services from these providers include a wide range of quality features like storage, connectivity, and other services necessary to operate files from a website. Web hosting providers provide web hosting services as part of their general Internet access plans.

Most businesses in India are just getting started with issues in regard to budget to contend with. Though businesses and individuals that seek the cheapest services will generally get what is paid for, it should be stated that there are reliable web hosting services that offer quality services at reasonable pricing. Companies those are serious about conducting their business online need to use a service that will provide consistent management in running a web server. Only reliable web hosting providers in India can provide them with such type of services with latest technology used for Internet to enhance their business worldwide. Finding a reliable web hosting provider in India for your business opportunity is not an easy task. A reliable endeavor of web hosting service providers in India can provide progressive web hosting services and e commerce web hosting solutions for your website.

CtrlS, renowned hosting providers in India offer the clients, facilities like unlimited bandwidth, email messages, room, domain names and also unhindered access to all the characteristics. Often a few of the web hosting companies offer unlimited domain names under this unlimited hosting India plan. The greater visitors which see your site, higher the necessity for bandwidth stays. And if you’re prepared to offer an array of services for your site visitors by means of your website, you’d have to have unlimited bandwidth, which can be obtainable whenever you go, from an unlimited hosting India plan. Consequently, hosting providers in India with an unlimited bandwidth plan can provide you the best offer, once you opt for such plan with CtrlS.

Today, CtrlS has emerged as one among the best hosting providers in India to big and small business firms. There are many web hosting companies in the market who undertake the job of web hosting providers. CtrlS offers offer dedicated hosting services. Hence while hiring the services related to dedicated servers in India from CtrlS, you get right to choose operating system, hardware and others. There are numerous characteristics the unlimited hosting India plan through CtrlS, renowned hosting providers in India. Services from top notch hosting providers in India, like CtrlS can help you access a plethora of hosting providers in India and also offer the independence to use them wherever and whenever essential.

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E-commerce Web Development India

E-commerce websites are supposed to be specialized websites that provide online business solutions to their customers. With the providence of online financial transactions facility, these websites can either be static, or can proffer physical retail operations. However, one has to keep in mind that e-commerce websites do not just sell products; they are also constructed to vend services like subscriptions, stock trading and memberships as well.E-commerce Web Development Company in India has taken major turns to climb up the ladder of success and advancement to a great extent. Karmick Solutions offer you turnkey e-commerce solutions so as to enable you to cater the best e-commerce services to your customers.

The basic features catered by e-commerce web development are as follows:

Online Shopping Cart or Product/ Service Catalog E-commerce web development ideally provides the facility of online shopping cart. After absorbing a clear view as to what product or service your company sells, it facilitates the entire management of the transaction by managing products, users, orders and various order tracking options. Here you can display your entire set of products and services available to be purchased. The user can browse through the various categories/sub categories/products and also view the detail pages.

Online Payment System Online payment system is a major feature of e-commerce. You will be able to make your payments through the Internet using credit card without having to face the least of hassles and saving a lot of time in the process. Once you have entered the billing and shipping details you can check out safe and secure.

Dedicated to the up-to-the-minute technologies and a wide range of capabilities, e-commerce solution at Karmick Solutions can be availed of to build an interactive e-commerce website and a communicating storehouse for each and every business, small or big.

E-commerce solutions offered by Karmick Solutions ensure you the following:

Easy flow of communication with your regular customers as well as new visitors
Excellent publicity of your services/products
Management of efficient and secure business transactions
Less operational costs
Your company’s brand is enhanced

Karmick Solutions makes sure that its client is more than happy having to avail of it’s e-commerce solutions. However, it also provides the following services:

Real Estate Web Development
Financial Website Development
Web Content Management
ERP Solution
CRM Application
WebSite Builder Software
Dating Website Development