Offbeat Link Building Tricks as Part of Web Design Jobs

SEO friendly web design and vice versa- that’s the modernized approach made by the online marketers to lift a site’s overall performance level. Considering the demand for more authentic, informative and user oriented content made by the search engine algorithms, it became essential for the professionals to bridge optimization techniques and page designing concepts. To meet this demand, need of the hour was to identify and modify the fabulous four factors, which forms the basis of a strong and productive web design, and kick starts your internet campaign.

User centric navigation

An impressive landing page is ready to welcome the visitors, but what’s next? Certainly you wish to take them to the desired pages containing the information and product/service they are looking for. Suitable navigation system, as part of your web design job is the lifeline to meet this essential requirement. You can certainly improve it, provided

It satisfies both search engine bots and human users. Let’s begin with the bots, and understand their pattern of work while inspecting the navigation system you are maintaining. They pay a close look on the correlation or advanced semantics of the two pages linked with each other, and that’s the criteria you need to satisfy. Variety of pages that makes sense is what these bots are interested in, and serve them just that to improve possibility for indexation

Now the question is to satiate human visitors, and you have to consider usage of text based commands on navigation bar, rather than replacing it with mere image centric buttons. People are more comfortable with text based commands, rather than paying time to understand the true meaning of the image displayed. In fact, search bots prefer to index those text based labeling more frequently than images

There’s another interesting approach to satisfy both bots and human visitors, by using CSS3. It’s a text centric web design application, powerful enough to replace flash or Photoshop or Javascript applications. Most importantly, CSS3 based designer elements are compatible with almost all the browsers, and lessens page loading time to a great extent

URL naming

Think about a productive web design, and it’s still incomplete without proper naming of your URL. It needs to be helpful for both human visitors as well as search bots; most importantly, its naming should make sense. You have this option to insert the key features of your content/product/service or anything you are dealing with into the URL. In addition, you can always go for semantic variety of these terms as well.

Image usage

Catchy pictures and images are essential parts of your web design assignment, and you can enhance its usability by trying

Compression of the images
Restricted image sizing with specific dpi value
Alt tagging to draw attention, especially when your page is being indexed
Coordination between image displayed and the content

Social media button

For example, a -like- is equivalent to one vote that your page is getting from the user. Or the number of relevant followers your Twitter account is getting signifies your credibility as an individual who matter in business. Search bots take these signals into account, and your web design job should focus on getting that attention. Integration of your social media profiles and its placement is the key feature of your web design job, and you should place it on the page displayed to earn the recommendation from the users.

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