Different Types Of Logos

The outfit you decide to wear on your first day at office tells your colleagues a lot about you. It is their way of forming a first impression about you. It represents you. Likewise, corporate identity logos speak volumes about your company. The identity of your companies brand is defined by its logo and its as important as creating a good first impression on your first day at office.

Lets take an in-depth look at the types of corporate logos design that you can have for your organization.

Font/Text/Word mark based Logo Type – Font based logos are used to represent the aura of the company. Examples of such corporate logos design are IBM, FedEx, Microsoft, etc. These are the simplest form of logo types. Such design of logos must be chosen only when your companies name is distinct and where the representation of the words would eventually become the symbol of the company. Some of the best logo designers are often involved in designing ext based logos as its little tricky to get rid of all the chaos that a graphic filled logo creates.

Brand Mark Logo Type – In a brand mark logo type, a simple graphic image is used to represent the services or business services offered by the organization. For example Apple, Nike etc. The advantage of having such corporate identity logos is that they are instantaneously recognizable.

The best logo designers are the ones who, with the power of their imagination, can generate the herculean image of a startup or a company. These designers have the ability to distinguish and determine the graphical components which would ultimately maintain a distinct corporate culture for a company & raise its public profile.