Best PHP development services for a good website

In the era of technology human beings are developing many modern things for their daily uses. The most important things which human beings are developed is website. Website is very useful and user friendly application which makes human life specially his business very easy and fast. When a website is getting created it is not at all developed. It is developed by website developers. After get developed it becomes user friendly and malty tasking. There are many technics which help in web development. As new technics are discovered the website are getting much more developed. One of these techniques is PHP. PHP is a very famous software language which not only helps in software development but also in website development. In recent times PHP web development is becoming much more famous and accepted by most of the web developers. A website can be developed with the help of PHP in a very short time. PHP web development is done mainly for those websites which have multiple numbers of pages having different topics like a website of shopping mall or training institutes. These kind of websites contains multiple numbers of pages. In these cases PHP web development is done. PHP have a quality of query solving. With the help of some PHP syntax we can make a URL dynamic and develop the website very easily. Now a days most of the web development firms using PHP web development method. With the help of these method most of the websites are developed very easily. For some special quality the PHP web development is becoming much more familiar to users and web developers. The number of people doing PHP web development is also increasing .like the other countries of world in India PHP web development is doing in a rapid way. Many web development organizations are now starting PHP web development.

Ecommerce Web Design for Product Focus

Ecommerce Web Design for Product Focus Ecommerce Web Design

Ecommerce web design is a lot more than just putting your company brochure on the net or adding an internet shopping cart to your existing product catalogue. It is far more than designing your e-commerce website and packed it with your products and services. There are some fundamental differences between doing business online and doing business the traditional way. Before you design your business web site, you must know what specific goals you desire to achieve with your business web site, determine how best to meet your goals based on your budget, and then determine what software and services you will use to design your e-commerce web site. >

Prioritising the aim of introducing ecommerce website is crucial before planning your e-commerce webs design! You have to keep in mind, before you start to design your website e-commerce website, you should have a precise idea about the objectives of your site and what all priorities you have to set because from the past experience of unsuccessful e-commerce website owners, it is apparent that lots of online businesses, which were launched without any proper goals, failed in establishing themselves. When designing your e-commerce website you should have certain goals and priorities in your mind. You can ask yourself if you want to make a brand and position your company or if you want your website visitors to call you and visit you physical store. To generate high revenue within short period of time could be another goal. Your goals and priorities can be various and all these are determinant of the type of e-commerce website you want to build and how it is going to be built for you.

Designing A Good E-commerce Website.

Unfortunately, most online entrepreneurs fail to achieve their aims and objective in providing their client with easy to navigate and result oriented e-commerce websites. It is important to know that a first class ecommerce website ensures comfortable and hassle free online transactions. It makes shopping and location of products on website very easy and straightforward. Online buyers can easily search and locate their choice of products with ease. All the available products for sale will be well positioned and properly placed on the website. There will be room for regular stocks update. An online business process which runs smoothly and which does not have any itch will surely be a great source of attraction to online customers. When an e-commerce website is termed to be a good one, it means that the site is user friendly, fully packed with strong SEO contents, integrates an easy online payment mechanism and most importantly, provides all the necessary information and details about the products offered.

Important Tips.

Show Your Visitors Your Core Competency: When building your e-commerce website, you will have to work on your goal, by making sure that you show visitors to your site your core competency. A good e-commerce website allows you to express your business in a better way in front of your visitors. With the help of professional web Design Company, you can have access to quality and latest web design software’s and tools. With this, you can highlight the sections which you think are different from your competitors and attract your visitors by showing the uniqueness in you.

Intuitive Interface; the design of your e-commerce must be unique and alluring while providing the users easy navigation. Ecommerce websites hold a number of products and services and hence, the portal must provide an intuitive interface so that users can have good time searching for the product of their interest. Customers these days are highly sophisticated while choosing products and services, and investing their hard earned money. Hence, consciousness is very common to be seen among the web users who have plenty of options in the form of ecommerce web portals offering them a number of products. Choosing a particular brand among the pool of options is really confusing for the audiences.

All You Wanted To Know About Web Development Outsourcing

web development helps in getting useful material for search engine optimization specialists.

Outsourcing in simple terms means getting work done by hiring an external source. Outsource web development is increasingly being used by many companies today.

In recent years many web services company have come up to offer different kinds of web development services. The key question is how one should choose the right web services firm. Just follow the simple steps noted below:

Do a review of your business plan, and then decide which of the web services you want to outsource. It will be good if you involve your employees in the whole process.

Study the outsource web development company you want to go in with. Check out their standing in market, how many years of expertise they have and also list of clientele. Do the research work, so that there are no future hassles.

Make sure the company you choose can handle multiple things without any problems.
An outsource web company should be not at all rigid. Try and put efforts to form a venture which is beneficial for both you and the outsource web development company.

Outsourcing web development has become popular among companies because of the amazing benefits it offers. Some of them are mentioned below:

Outsourcing web development is a pocket friendly option. You get your work done by qualified people at a minimal cost.

Once you have outsourced the work, you can easily concentrate on your business plans and strategies.

You will achieve better quality when you contract out your work to an external company.

Outsourcing helps you to bring out new developments in your business. The potential and ability of outsourcing professionals aids your companys growth.
An outsource web services company is well trained to handle a boost or even a decline in production.

An Outsource web development company helps in reorganization, it also make variable costs more probable.

Risks are considerably reduced once you hire an outsource web development company. With their expertise and proficiency they give out only viable practical solutions by implementing then most of the risks are taken care of.

Most of these outsource web development companies have qualified project in charge, who make sure that the project is finished within the given time period and also try to keep the costs as low as possible.

In this highly competitive world, hiring an outsource web development company helps you to get an extra edge over your competitors.

The services offered by an outsource web development company are better than what your own staff could give.

To sum up we can say Outsourcing is a feasible option for any company who wants to grow fast and ensure client satisfaction at the same time. If you are looking for an outsource web development company in California then I would suggest you the name of iDes Solutions Inc. They have expertise in Open source Software Development, E-learning solutions, building online communities and much more.

Rebuking The Myth That Custom Web Design Is Dead

In a host of design circles, the term “template” represents death to the concept of custom web design. Yet a mere year or two back, Webmasters avoided the word as though template represented shoddy website construction. Some of the confusion arises from a misunderstanding of the typical practice of working with reusable code. Rather than grasping the core worth of reliable and speedy programming application, some vision-limited web designers heap every aspect web construction into a solitary “template” format. They are prey to the myth that custom web design is dying.

From the very beginning, programmers have always taken advantage of reusable code. Failure to do so reveals narrow-minded thinking. The tools for creating a box seldom change, yet to reduce the entire process of web design to a collection of boxes, menus and circles lacks the power of creative appeal. When crafting a new automobile design, the manufacturer does not reinvent the principles of a motion. However every car manufacturer incorporates new technology, aerodynamics and energy-management concepts into new product design. To be competitive, they can do no less.

Myth One – Custom Design Encourages Clients To Out-think the Designer

Most clients do not consider themselves website designers. If they did, they would not hire a design team. Wise buyers grasp the need for professional help. Now some few clients may function under the impression that “custom” reflects client management of the web design process, but levelheaded website craftsmen deflect such false notions. Along with other core features, custom website design applies to color schemes, graphic layout and goal-focused content. The heart of the website contains reusable program code modified only at tactical points best matched to the client’s vision and presentation goals.

The buyer may always be right, but the designer knows how custom graphics and functional design sells the site. Reveal your website design skills in a way that:

Permits client involvement but enforces your personal talents and skills
Exalts the client’s corporate vision without sacrificing functionality
AND still maintains the efficiency of professional design.

Myth Two – Visitors Ignore Custom Site Features

According to reports from HubSpot, 76% of all website visitors count ease of use as the most desired design feature. Visual display and a cutting edge interactive experience rank less than 10% in importance. However, such studies are misleading. To illustrate this point: Try selling an overpriced, puke green Mustang convertible to any sane thirty year old male in the nation and you will see the value of color perception. Although most users do not conceive your website as custom or “template,” originality, color flow and layout affects the sense of usability.

During the late 1700s, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749-1832) argued that human perceptions of color directly affect what we see, think, feel and experience. History supports his arguments. Visual advertising is a self-evident success symbol. How your website crafts and applies graphics can be used to establish certain consumer thought patterns. For example:

Red generates a sense of energy and excitement
Greer produces feelings of rest and peace. In fact, the color green when used in hospitals helps reduce patient blood pressure levels
Blue evokes a sense of calm and cool. Furthermore, Americans favor the color blue above all other colors
Purple brings about a sense of assurance, comfort and spiritual peace.

Custom colors and custom website graphics affect how visitors respond to your website. Never forsake sensible website design practices, but know that the same customized components that work to make your visitor feel relaxed and at ease will help promote a sense of satisfaction in how the site presents data to that visitor.

Myth Three – Custom Web Design Carries Poor Return On Investment

Too many web designers have come to believe that custom design and template design are distinctively different processes. This is due to the failure to comprehend the essence of computer programming. Now we know that custom menus can be more expensive than template menus, and we know that to be user-friendly the functionality of both menu-types must follow a common pattern. In the earlier days of custom web design, crafting a custom menu with distinctive graphic appeal amounted to considerable additional programming time. Modern custom website design incorporates highly developed child-themes into existing bulk-order template themes, and produces a distribution ready product in record time frames. The old concept of months to readiness versus weeks to readiness is obsolete.

The ROI on modern custom web design barely exceeds the cost of moderately modified template website design. In a world driven by visual concepts, the ROI on a visually enhanced customized website may actually out deliver the out-of-the-box solutions being promoted by common web designers.

Top 8 Tricks of PHP Web Development

There are so many tricks that can enhance the performance of your PHP web application. Although these tricks do not increase the speed of applications but they help in increasing their performance. It also gives you a fair view of the internal working of PHP which provides you the facility to write code for the execution Zend Engine in lenient optimal fashion.

1.Less Use of Printf: Printf is a code used in the PHP web development programming for the production of output according to the format entered or a formatted string. It slowdowns the execution of the program because of some reasons related to multitude. So the use of Printf() should be avoided unless it is very important to use its functionality.

2.Single Quotes Are Better Than Double Quotes: Both of these quotes have different functionalities. Single quotes (- ‘) mean you want the program to print the statement or anything which lies between them, and double quotes (- -) mean that you want the code to check the variable. The use of double quotes (- -) provides the same output as the single quotes (- ‘) but increases the processing time. So, single quotes should be used instead of double quotes as more as possible.

3.Arrays for Accessing: The arrays are seven times more accessible than the objects so they should be used for higher accessibility and performance.

4.Every Data Structure Should Not Be Implemented as a Class: The data structures, in the case of OOPS, are very efficient but when it is about the PHP development language, the each method and the object call consumes too much of memory. So, the data structure should be implemented as an array rather than the class.

5.Methods in Derived Classes: The methods defined in derived classes run faster than the methods defined in the base classes.

6.Functions Inside Loops Should Be Avoided: It is better to use the function outside the loop rather than the functions inside the loop. Because using the functions inside the loop makes the function called every time that loop in processed.

7.Use Echo’s Multiple Parameters: The use of echo’s multiple parameters is better than that of string concatenation. It slightly increases the processing speed and the performance of the program.

8.Error suppression: Do not suppress your errors with @; it will make the program slower.

The 8 Pillars Of Exceptional Website Style and design

one. An image, they say, is price a thousand terms.

A picture no doubt enhances the overall look and feel of the internet site. Nevertheless, much like the quote above an image document is relatively large in size and an excessive amount of of it may possibly make your site appear like a drag to download. Despite the fact that most net users are actually cruising the information super highway at broadband velocity you ought to nonetheless cater to those people who’re even now employing dial up connections ( and head you you’ll find much more then a handful). As a rule of thumb I advocate you maintain your image size to not as much then 30k where doable. Your webpage needs to be capable to load within just 5 seconds. Satisfy usually do not neglect about customers who cannot see the images on your own site by supplying alternate texts as description towards the pictures. Most webpage development plans like Macromedia’s DreamWeaver mean you can this very easily.

two. Navigability & functionality come ahead of artistic excellence

It really is completely of no use to make a site that is actually a masterpiece from an artistic stage of view but a finish failure within the word wide web! Why? Because the customers merely don’t know how to acquire around the web site! It is best to constantly bear in thoughts what automobile makers usually emphasize, ease of accessibility to capabilities. Make sure your navigation is clear and completely idiot evidence (no offence to people of you to choose from who generally get misplaced in the web page no matter how excellent it can be).

a few. Prevent Mystery Meat Navigation.

This can be one of the main blunders a web page could make at the same time as 1 of your most frustrating practical experience for people. This type of navigation needs the user to mouse in excess of an image so as to navigate to your url with no in fact possessing any notion the place they’re heading. It’s only once they click and hold the mouse more than the image that they can see the real hyperlink.

four. Tables – Split them up

Actually been to your website whereby you find yourself staring at a blank display screen for any certain period of time prior to finally as if by magic the whole website just pops out of no the place? That’s mainly because the designer of that web page most likely set the entire internet webpage inside of a solitary table. Tables are utilized in net layout to aid align pictures in a web site likewise as to create a construction to your layout of your internet site. It tends to make all the things neater in addition as enables the designer to build abstract layouts simply. I’ll display you tips on how to use tables as element of your design later on on but for now please take observe that the individual would be a lot greater off if you split a solitary desk on the web page into scaled-down tables as expected. It allows the consumer to prepare with the lengthy wait around in a way as the smaller sized tables with their contents and images will likely be downloading 1st so people can anticipate instead of go away your website in frustration.

5. No Pop-up Windows Make Sure You

Pop-up windows are actually within the rise recently to the net. They are smaller small windows that pop-up with some facts or important advertising on them. They do nothing at all but clutter the user’s monitor unnecessarily. It truly is greatest if all links open within identical window. Nonetheless exceptions for the use of a pop up window might be for cases like if a site contains a hyperlink list then it could possibly excellent to spot all these hyperlinks inside a pop up window. However like a standard rule stay away from working with pop up windows they make your everyday living too as the consumer’s less difficult. Furthermore, operating programs like Microsoft Windows XP at the moment are equipped with Pop-Up Blocker (this tells you how welcome pop ups are to end users).

6. Use Basic Vanilla Fonts

Perhaps you have ever before heard of fonts including Neuropolitical? No? Well it exists and it really is a fanciful font using a futuristic typography to it. You might be surprise to know that I’m really discouraging you from employing these types of fanciful fonts. Why? Are you able to picture the frustration on your people of having to read your whole web page in default moments new roman all simply because they usually do not have the font you used installed on their machines. Restrict the usage of such fanciful fonts in your graphical designs only. Stick to your beneficial aged combo of Arial, Verdana and Tahoma.

7. No revolutionary plug-ins

For people who’ve by no means heard with the word plug – in , usually do not be alarmed it truly is merely a executable including a system or animation or audio/online video stream that needs an external software package to be installed or plugged in (therefore the identify) into your computer to run.

Most word wide web designers would jump in the chance of utilizing as several plug-ins a few of which have certainly not even been heard of before. They believe that this fanciful plug-ins would impress the person having said that more often then not the opposite happens. It draws readers away from your web site. No one likes to wait for an further minute or two to make it possible for computer software to obtain on their computer system only to enjoy some senseless animation or pay attention to some audio which has no relevance to your internet site’s core goal. Perhaps you have ever observed sites like Yahoo! Google or Lycos? You may notice they do not have plug-ins in any way. Even so like every little thing else within this earth, you can find exceptions even when it comes to plug-ins. As an example, if you would love to implement animation in your web page you may use Macromedia Flash and you can build a link out of your internet site to enable consumers to download its plug in by way of Macromedia’s site so they will view your web blog’s Flash content.

8. Never underestimate meta tags

Meta tags really are a group of unique important phrases that are used to describe some factors with the content material of your site. It truly is widely utilized in HTML dependent sites. The data that’s provided within just a meta tag will allow engines like google to index your webpage making sure that men and women making use of the lookup engine to research for a unique data may well be able to find it in your site much more effortlessly. In quick, meta tags when correctly picked can assist your webpage gain a lot more publicity and much better listings on engines like google.

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Profitable Adult Internet Business Online Opportunity


I thought to write this because of the hundreds of calls I receive every week regarding horror stories of prospective webmasters spending thousands of dollars to Start A Profitable Adult Online Internet Website Business. The reason their calling me is for me to somehow perform a miracle making them money after they spent thousands of dollars on an Adult Turnkey Website Business that will never make money. Basically they fell victim to ridiculous financial promises that were very unrealistic and could never occur in a million years. This is the typical garbage that some Adult Internet Website Businesses spit out to make it sound as if it is so easy to make a million dollars overnight in this industry. The good news is there is good money to be made in this very profitable Adult Online Business but you need to partner with the correct people that are knowledgeable and resourceful otherwise you could be out of business shortly.

Adult Internet Website Business Online Turnkey Opportunity – 10 Steps To Profitability

I know this from firsthand experience. I am not some writer who is writing about Adult Online Business Opportunities; I am an Adult Internet Business owner writing about the best way to Start a Profitable Adult Internet Business by owning your own Online Website Business.

1.Niche Market Business Opportunity Dont target the typical blonde haired blue eyed girls no mega sites that have 10 different types of content or Adult Online Design Companies that claim that their websites have just shemales when they actually have all types of content in the members section. People are passionate about their own niche market they enjoy. They get pissed when they see other types of content in the members section of the so called niche specific Adult Online Turnkey Business.

2.Keep the Adult Internet Website simplified Easy navigation. Dont have clutter on your adult Internet website or too much happening or moving at once on the website for it turns prospective Adult Online Businessclients off. Adult Turnkey Websites such as this are horrible to the eye and turn people off. There are many studies that show this and they all can’t be lying.

3.Your Adult Online Website Business must have High Definition content or as close to HD as possible. HD = more sign ups. You must also have at least 5 teaser high definition quality video clips to increase conversion to full sign ups. Without content close to High Definition, you are killing off your Opportunity for your Online Business to convert into more cash.

4.You must use Affiliate Website Programs that bring in extra revenue for your Adult Online Website. Make them as niche specific as possible. We like to use scam free affiliate online programs such as cams, personals, toys, video on demand. There are too many to mention but I think you get the point. Again our goal is to make these affiliate website internet programs as niche specific as possible to match the niche theme of the entire Adult Online Turnkey Business.

5.Marketing Do your homework and research, research and research. Dont depend on a marketing company to do all this work for you. The Adult Website is yours not theirs so please get educated in the field. You need to take responsibility for the marketing of your own website. Dont ever think that the marketing company that you hire is going to be able to perform all the marketing on its own. If you owned any other business; I am sure you would get very involved in it. If you want to make money with your Adult Web Site Business you need to treat this as any other type of business. There is a great opportunity to make a good profit from your Adult Online Internet Business with smart Adult Online Marketing.

6.Low Cost Low Risk Online Business Opportunity Adult Internet Turn Key Businesses should not cost what most adult design companies charge. Most of you are new to the business so why jump into some foreign business, spending all your money upfront? Owning your own adult web site business is not gambling; it is long-term business. You have to keep your start up costs low or you will fail miserably. Watch out for hidden costs, such as hosting that adds up quickly. One thing people dont consider is how easy it is for a Website Design Company to increase your hosting fee after only owning your Adult Online Business only a short period of time. Some charge $50 – $100 a month per site for hosting when you purchase your website and then about 3 or 4 months later tell you that you are using too much bandwidth and double your hosting fee. These Adult Hosting Companies are killing off your Terrific Profitable Adult Business Opportunity. The first year in business has to come with FREE hosting or I would stay away from the Internet design company. Keep your money for smart marketing. This is an efficient way to use your money. Do your homework on this long-term Adult Internet Business Opportunity so you dont waste your hard earned marketing money.

7.Watch Out For Sharks If you take the bait they will pounce on you with horrible Adult Internet Website Design and extremely high prices. When online adult design companies make claims such as As Seen On TV or as being a member of the chamber of commerce you need to run like hell. This is the adult website internet business and you don’t get on television for owning one. Also, All you have to do to be listed with the Chamber of Commerce is to have a business and pay the dues. Also, don’t buy into these crazy Testimonials about how the guy has saved their marriage and family. WOW! Watch Profit Charts. $5,000 profit in your 4th month in the adult online web site business from 1 site? So if I purchase 100 sites from the online web design companies that claim this I will be making $500,000.00 in my 4th month in business? At this rate I would make more than 5 Million dollars in my 1st year in business! PEOPLE ACTUALLY FALL FOR THESE PROMISES. DONT BE A VICTIM! GET EDUCATED! GET EMPOWERED! Take full advantage of this Adult Online Internet Business Opportunity and play it smart. Check out the watchdog agencies for the industry such as, Also go to google and type in the owner of the businesses name, the business name. Also type in the owners name with scam or ripoff after the name. For Example: Jones scam or Teletar SCAM. These are just phrases that come to mind at the moment not actual companies. It is your hard earned money. Dont waste it.

8.Partner with online Internet content companies. Dont buy an Adult Online Website Business that comes with content that you supposedly own. You are getting shitty content. You want good High Definition quality content by partnering with content companies. I can send you a list of them if you desire. Just hit me up on email. The majority of our competition uses live feeds as content. This is megasite content which is not what the average person is looking for. Point is if you don’t partner with the content companies you will have to become one to compete and that is very expensive. If you don’t partner with the online content companies you are missing a terrific Adult Online Business Opportunity that will produce Long-Term Profit for you.

9.Updates of Content Partnering with internet content companies will assure you that your content will be updated often. With our Adult Online Website Design Business this is what we do. We and the content companies have a vested interest in you making money. We make more money when we assist you in making more. If content companies and design companies do not have a vested interest in you making money why would they update the content for you?? The answer is simple for they wouldnt and so they dont. Do you know how expensive updating content is? If I was not making money by updating your content why would I waste my time doing it? I wouldnt. If you purchase an Adult Online Website Business with content the Adult Design Company manages you will not get your content updated for you. The content will be old and will only get older because the design company has no interest in updating it. When you partner with content companies the content company only makes money by updating your content. This partnering with content companies is our website design business model and as far as we know it is the only model that works. We would not steer you in the wrong direction. Partnering with these content companies produces Profitable Adult Online Business Opportunities that you need to take advantage of.

10. Dont bet the farm on one Turnkey Adult Internet Business. This is an investment in your future; not a job. You are investing your hard earned money. If you were to invest in the stock market it is better to invest in mutual funds than it is to invest in one stock and bet the farm on it. That stock comes with tremendous risk whereas the mutual fund tremendously reduces that risk and provides you a wonderful opportunity to reach profitability as quickly as possible. The point here is dont invest your hard earned money in one revenue stream when you have an Adult Online Business Opportunity to invest it in possibly 10. We do just that for all clients and the others should also otherwise they are just setting you up to fail miserably.

PrestaShop – Helpful For eCommerce Website Development

PrestaShop is very powerful CMS (Content Management System) software which helps in developing ecommerce websites according to businessmen’s business as well as marketing needs and requirements. It’s free and open source, available under Open Software License. It’s well suited for small or medium sized businesses which support various payment gateways like PayPal, Google Checkout, Skrill, and Payments Pro via API. This CMS (software) is based on the smartly template engines that is currently used in millions of shops worldwide. Various other payments modules are offered commercially. Any business owner can start their online eCommerce store within a short duration of time. That’s one of the main advantages of PrestaShop.

Business owner can get huge benefits using PrestaShop as it provides freedom from everything in customizing from theme to design as well as from functionality to template. PrestaShop customization is also very easy for developers and shop owners can also do it having a little web development or design knowledge. They have to follow some generic laws of customization. Due to its superb and exciting features, it has become very popular in a short duration of time and its popularity is increasing continuously throughout the world. Followings are some of its main features:

Compatible with all browsers Working on all latest touch devices No hardcore coding Proper URL pattern No SQL Injection SEO friendly Themes / Templates No bad SQL query No XSS attack And many more-

If you are planning to start your ecommerce store within a few days, PrestaShop would one of the best options for you. You should hire programmers who have prior experience in working with it. You should not hire fresh programmers as you are going to launch your business. Hence, it’s recommended to hire a programmer who has experience in providing PrestaShop customization services to the clients according to their specific needs and requirements; that too within their financial budget.

There are many website development and designing company which provide eCommerce web development services using PrestaShop. You can hire developers from them to accomplish your ecommerce store as per your special needs and requirements. You should clearly specify them about your business needs so that they can do necessary customization works in developing your website. Once, they build your store, you can easily maintain and update it. For this, you can take some suggestions from your developer for PrestaShop customization works for your business website.

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Website Tenders Information A Client Should Provide For A Web Design Agency

The golden rule in any tender process is: information plus communication. For clients, this is crucial to selecting the best agency for the job. For designers it helps to ensure the most accurate quote. Even if you’re about to start a project, following this principle could mean the difference between smooth, successful delivery and a headache for client and designer alike.

Given the right information, a web design agency can determine exactly what’s required. Naturally, things may change during a website design project, but the more info given, the more likely an accurate fixed quote can be provided.

Similarly, good communication ensures that both parties understand what the goals are. For example, if you’re a client looking for video capability or a forum, make sure the web design agency knows this. It might take more work than you think.

For clients and designers it helps to have a checklist:

The basics:

A bullet list of required web pages (from home to every product page)
A design brief. Is a new logo required? Do any style templates exist already? Is there a specific requirement for colours/logo/navigation?
How concrete are the ideas/pages? Does the client expect to change the pages required during the project? Are they looking for additional consultancy?
How do the client’s requirements fit with a designer’s current portfolio is there some crossover? Does the client like any particular style? Can the client provide a series of links to sites they like?
Is the domain name already registered? If not, whose responsibility is it, and who is responsible for hosting?
Does the domain need transferred?

Functions, format and content

Who will source the images? A mistake that many clients make is assuming that web designers will always supply images for the site.
What about text and other content?
If the client needs blogs, video functionality, a secure database, a shopping cart or any other special feature, this needs to be noted.
Is any advanced SEO needed? Such as link exchange, content generation etc.

Timeline and changes to plan:

– Work out a series of key delivery dates for draft design ideas, beta website and launch.
– Similarly, the client should provide dates for providing content, confirming designs etc.
– To avoid any bad feelings (or worse) further down the line, it should be made clear what the costs are (whether by hourly rate or similar) for amendments and changes to the brief.


Does the client need frequent updates?
If so, does the client need training in how to operate the host account/CMS?
What about regular SEO reviews (such as adword campaign monitoring) and website analytics?
Who’s responsible for security updates or updates to the hosting software etc.

A few extra details:

If you’re a client, it’s worth remembering a few additional points:

All browsers display sites differently. There is no site on the web that displays the same in all browsers.
Designs look different on screen than they do on printed paper.
Every site should be accessible this is not only important from a usability and navigation point of view, but it’s a legal requirement to ensure that your site can be used by people with disabilities such as visual impairment.

This list is by no means final, and different sites require different approaches. However, after hundreds of tenders and successful project deliveries over the last fifteen years, OBS-Group has learned that following these steps can result in a far more accurate quote, not to mention a better website in the long run.

Comxdesign – Best Web Design At Auckland

ComXdesign was established to provide web development services in the Auckland area of New Zealand. ComXdesigns provides all services related to web development such as web designing, website hosting, domain registration
and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services.

We at ComXdesign give a high priority to quality and at the same make sure our services are affordable. We have a highly qualified team of web developers who
strive to make sure your website is of the highest standard. We can assure you that the end product will leave you very satisfied and you will keep coming back for more.

We believe that in order to deliver quality products, communication is highly necessary. We will always involve our clients in the development process.
At every stage, we will ask the clients to provide input on the site’s overall look, functionality and efficiency. The feedback that we receive will help us understand your needs and help us deliver what you want.

ComXdesign gives the highest emphasis to quality, but we also understand that economically we need to be viable as well. In this regard, we constantly
monitor our competitors and make sure we are cost effective. Various of our products such as SEO come with refund guarantee. In the case that we fail to deliver
what we promised, we will refund the entire amount.

Apart from web designing, we provide other services such as web hosting, domain registration and SEO services. Our web hosting service is of the highest standard
and we will make sure that your site’s have no downtime. We provide domain registrations for all extensions at a very low cost. SEO i.e Search Engine Optimization, is a service where we will make sure that your site is always ahead of your competitors on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Our developers are highly qualified and have been trained to deliver quality products. They have been trained to work under tight deadlines, without compromising
on the high standards of quality we follow. At every stage of the product development, it will be monitored so that it adheres to the high standards that we believe in.